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Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman penetrates the Renaissance Church PDF #180 sub strata of the Roman Church after it had departed from fourteen hundred years of Catholic orthodoxy and embraced institutionalized euivocation and deceit usurious money power and diabolic occultism Here The Occult PDF or is an unprecedented investigation of an epoch of spectacular fraud and labyrinth subterfuge uniue in western history As a result of centuries of Neoplatonic Hermetic intrigue Rome became the repository and cultivator of alien forces which would Occult Renaissance Church MOBI #240 only fully emerge in the twentieth centuryThe Establishment would have us believe that the papacy of the past is synonymous with relentless inuisitio. Don’t waste your money unless you believe the Earth was created in 7 days around 5000 years ago

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The Occult Renaissance Church of RomeN of the occult when in truth the occult took control of the papacy and from behind a wall of artifice and disguise persecuted mainly those occultists who set themselves up as rivals to papal power while shielding agents of the Neoplatonic Hermetic and Kabbalistic conspiracy within the papal fold This book names the guilty conspirators including many pontiffs such as Popes Alexander VI Leo X Clement VII Sixtus V and others The author demonstrates that much of what we have been told about the history of the Church since the Renaissance has been an ingeniously mounted illusionThe Occult Renaissance Church of Rome is a chronicle of magic mind control and the betrayal of the Christian ecclesia on the part of an operation of decep. Exellant arrived lot earlier thankyou

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Free download ☆ The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome By Michael Hoffman ✍ – Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman penetrates the sub strata ofTion of world historical significanceTable of Contents More Catholic than the Pope Neoplatonic Hermeticism The Serpent in the Garden of the uattrocento The Priest and the Platonists Pope Alexander and the Wizard Bonfire of the Verities The Sorcerer Abbott The Reuchlin Revolution Renaissance High Art An Initiation The Grand Egyptian Lodge of Vatican City The Cabal s Co conspirators The Moral Theology of Mental Reservation and Euivocation in the Church of Rome Ecclesiastical Sodomy and its Root The Hermetic Prince of the Second Vatican Council Neoplatonic Hermetic Kabbalism in the Modern Era The Breeders of Money Gain Dominion over the Church of Rome A Prophecy Fulfilled An Occult Miscellany Neoplatonic Philosophy and Freemason. What a book Much in here about Vatican II the Babylonian Talmud Usury the Zohar the Kabbalah and its promotor Johannes Reuchlin on who Michael Hoffman also wrote a lot in Judaism DiscoveredThe late Eustace Mullins told us in The Curse of Canaan that the Rothschilds took over all of the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823 Michael Hoffman claims here Our understanding of the papacy's filthy lucre reached a new order of magnitude in 1832 when the Rothschilds began to finance the Church of Rome two years after Pius VIII removed the last penalties and obstacles to Catholic usury and those who practiced itCorrado Pallenberg detailed in Vatican Finances 1971 12 Million scudi loans by the Rothschilds to the Holy See between December 1831 and August 1837 Pallenberg On these loans the Holy See had to pay an interest of 5 per cent a year on the nominal value plus 1 per cent for amortization But if one considers the gap between the nominal value and the price of issue plus the commission especially of the usurious first deal concluded with the Rothschilds the interest became much higherUnfortunately hardly anything in here about the Sabbatean Frankist take over of the Catholic Church Maurice Pinay's books are not mentioned nor is Marie Carr's AA 1025 Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration into the Church Not a word about the works of E Michael Jones The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit or Hutton Gibson's Paul VI's Legacy Catholicism or Michael Rose's Goodbye Good Men How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church But there's so much in Hoffman's book that's connected to what is told in the above mentioned works that all who loved these books will be very happy with what Michael Hoffman offers us hereThe General Index consists of 34 pages the Scripture Index 4 pages the Bibliography 36 pages and in the middle of the book there are 35 rare colour pictures on photo paper among else of works by Michelangelo who is not loved very much by Hoffman When we consider that Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is regarded as one of the holiest sanctuaries in Christendom we begin to grasp the depth of human credulity The Sistine Chapel is the realm of Plato; not Jesus Christ Our Lord was not a nude despite the lustful allure of the several revolting depictions of Him hanging virtually nude on the Cross which we encounter in Catholic art after the Middle Ages and which is by no means limited to the Renaissance Neither were the apostles disciples or the holy women who followed Him naked yet the Church of Rome's Sistine Chapel consists of a riot of nudity which marks one of the most startling departures from the true Church of the previous millenniumIn the article The Great Divide in his Revisionist History Newsletter of April May 2017 Hoffman concluded At its most fundamental level the division among people is not between Republicans and Democrats; Judaics and gentiles; Protestants Muslims and Catholics; or blacks and whites or rich and poor It is between those who seek the truth at all cost no matter how damaging and disruptive to their own prized and revered beliefs and those who prefer the comfort of a lie That ladies and gentlemen is the great divideBuy this book