The Olympics: Going for Gold: A Guide to the Summer Games Summary × 6

Summary The Olympics: Going for Gold: A Guide to the Summer Games

The Olympics: Going for Gold: A Guide to the Summer Games Summary × 6 ´ ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Olympics: Going for Gold: A Guide to the Summer Games By Joe Fullman ➲ – Going for Gold gives the lowdown on all the key Olympic sports from rowing and gymnastics to cyclHe book also gives some background information to the Olympic and Paralympic Games their history and traditions and looks ahead to the Games in Rio in It explores the Olympic village the venues for the events and how Brazil is preparing for the arrival of the world s most famous and best loved sporting eventFeature boxes on every spread look at highest achieving Olympians and. This is a bright and interesting book about the Olympics which gives lots of facts and figures about the various events track and field events The reading level is good for age 9 11 and the information is up to dateContrary to the blurb for this book however there is no mention at all of the Paralympics or indeed Paralympians and there s only slight reference to Rio with a photo of one of the stadiums and mention of the new sports of golf and rugby sevens that will feature in the 2016 games That said the facts about the various sports and athletes mentioned is comprehensive and there s a lot to engage the young readerA book that has a place in a primary school library just not exactly the book that is described in the product description

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Paralympians in each sport their triumphs the challenges they have overcome and how they have become such success stories Fun fact filled text and a bright engaging design make this the perfect Olympic title for children of If you ve enjoyed getting ready for Rio why not find out all about the history of the Olympics in The Olympics Ancient and Modern another title in the seri. This book covers the sports that you find at the Olympics and gives a very brief summary of the rules and a small picture of what the sport looks likeI didn t like that a lot of the photos are very small and look like they were from the 1970 s or 1980 s Surely some up to date images could have been foundDisappointingly there don t seem to be any pictures of what a track and field venue looks like or a velodromeFor a hardbacked book the actual content seems uite sparse2 stars

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The Olympics Going for Gold A Guide to the Summer GamesGoing for PDF #8608 Going for Gold gives the lowdown on all the key The Olympics EpubOlympic sports from rowing and gymnastics to cycling athletics and swimming Olympics Going for PDFEPUB #230 It also looks at the new Olympic sports rugby sevens kite Olympics Going for Gold A PDFEPUB or surfing and golf focussing on the format of each sport how it is scored and the key rules T. This is an excellent little book for 6 9 year olds to read and younger children to browse through with a parent to help explain the process of a Summer Olympics I say a because luckily this book does not over focus on Rio in fact there is only fleeting reference and so this book will only date itself as different sports personalities eclipse the fame if those featured withinIn fact I only do not give 5 stars because I think the RRP is outrageous for the slim contents I can get a several hundred paged hardback for similar prices and although it is full colour and photographs I think the price would be acceptable in the range of 5ish cheaperThe games and origins are explained briefly before the book goes onto explore the categories of the events some clubbed together such as swimming and diving with a double spread per category and packed with information both simple sentence facts and derailed paragraphs often referring to Olympic record holders or famous incidencesAt the back is a glossary of the subject specific words to help develop and concrete the vocabularyMost primary and preschool aged children will be able to access this book at some level whether independent reading for an older child collective discussion as part of a project for the younger reader or simply looking at the pictures and contextualising the telly coverage alongside craft activities with a preschooler My three year old was happy to look at the pictures and repeat certain vocabulary we can use the different page spreads with planned activities during the games and it will still be useable in four years time when she will be able to access the book on a different levelOverall an excellent slim volume to help contextualise this summers games for children but loses a star for sidelining Paralympics despite lauding in product description and the RRP being steep