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READ ↠ Sky Ghosts All for One ´ ❮BOOKS❯ ✺ Sky Ghosts All for One ✰ Author Alexandra Engellmann – A secret society Two clueless civilians A common enemy who will stop at nothing to have them all killedPatricia aka Pain is known as a kill firstask uestions later kind of girl Living in a city Humans' story And when they threaten to destroy everything she holds dear she will have to choose keep running or take a final standEven Ghosts All for Kindle #213 if it means giving up her own lifePreviously published as Sky Ghosts All for One This is a revised updated edition with new chaptersFor relevant reviews please sort by 'this edition' Warning strong language and graphic violen. I received this book from the author for reviewing2162015Review UpdateThere has been a major update to the book since I last read it at the beginning of January The contents have been cleaned and tightened and the plot focused The ending has also been tweaked If you have an older version of the book just contact Support and ask them to update your copy They're really uick about it too For all new buyers you'll automatically have the new updates I've changed my score to reflect the improvements from the updatesThis is a book for those looking for action heart realism sexiness romance loads of humor and a dark and visual worldSky Ghosts All For One is filled with babes and blades studs and swords and beyond all that a lot of heart What I mainly liked about this book was its fusion of eastern ideas and western style That fusion can be seen most clearly in the way that the character's powers work and the way they fight The powers of the characters all come from inside There's some genetic factors at play but mainly the power functions essentially like Ki or i as it is understood in eastern philosophy Characters here are stronger faster and can fly And what's better than that is the fact that with practice a person can hone these powers to an even greater degree I dug the powers immensely and the way each character applied such abilities was distinct It reminded me of the anime Clay where everyone has access to the same abilities but some specialize in certain aspects over others like speed or power or healingThe strongest aspect of this book was the way the characters interacted and played off of each other and the dialogue they had with one another There was an abundance of humor anytime this young cast did anything together Pain and Marco were hilarious early on Their banter bullying of each other and combined bloodlust made me laugh so hard and wince a little bit too these two rarely pull their punches Beyond the humor there's a lot of sincerity and heart in the dialogue and emotions between everyone You end up feeling for all the characters even ones you might not likeThe fight scenes are particularly awesome and bloody There's a lot of blood Be warned The violence is stylistic and each character fights how you'd imagine him or her to do so in stunning aerial seuences of steel blood flesh and bone Being the action junkie that I am I could picture every scene perfectly as if it were an action movieNow as a guy no that's a bit of a copout I'll just say that I'm not that inclined to like drawn out romances All the back and forth kills me every time So romance isn't my genre There's a lot of romance here and there's a nice amount of back and forth to it It's not my cup of tea but fans of the genre will no doubt like it That said I still like how it played out it was just a little over suspenseful for me I guess I didn't mind it so much because I did want these two characters to succeed with each otherSo if you like all this stuff you'll definitely enjoy Sky Ghosts I myself will be patiently awaiting for the seuel to see what's next for this castAwesomesaucePowersFights ScenesHumorDialogueRealismCool and Badass CharactersSexinessBelievable RomanceNot so Awesome Some errors Somewhat Anticlimactic

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A secret society Two clueless civilians A common All for PDF #206 enemy who will stop at nothing to have them all killedPatricia aka Pain is known as a kill firstask uestions later kind of girl Living in a city crawling with Beasts – her own kind gone rogue and using their supernatural gift to prey on humans – she's a skilled assassin doubling as a bodyguardBetween mercenary work fo. The image on the cover is really good but if you feel you need even awesomeness along the same lines have this one A guy walked late at night on the streets of Brooklyn when he saw a woman being harassed by a group of men Before he realized what is going on the woman killed the troublemakers with her katana and disappeared into thin air Sometime later this same guy and his friend were ambushed by another group of men trying their best to kill them Luckily a couple of sword wielding women including the one above showed up and saved the day Now two friends have a couple of important uestions without answers Who wants them dead and why What is the mysterious organization protecting them and why This is the author's first published book and as such it is a little rough around the edges; despite this it uite good nonetheless The plot moves with a fast speed with some very occasional slowdowns The action scenes are nicely done and were keeping me on the edge of the seat There is a mystery here as well which is intriguing enough This book also has Romance Done Right Lately a big number of urban fantasy writers have a wrong idea about urban fantasy being eual to paranormal romance; it is not The romance here never gets in the way of the plot never feels like it overstayed its welcome and is never about selfish people desperately trying to find a boyfriendgirlfriend This kind of romance became so scarce lately that I feel it really needs to be commended On the negative part the characterization is not the strongest part most of the time In particular I really do not understand how anybody could fall for Pain with the way she behaves she does get developed as a character though Dave remained static through the whole book This problem aside I enjoyed reading the book I think it is closer to 35 stars than 4 but as it is a first major effort by the author I have no hesitation to round it up to 4 stars


Sky Ghosts All for OneR the Sky Ghosts Headuarters and reckless attempts to destroy the enemy gang Sky Ghosts PDF or last thing she needs is two civilian guys in need of protection But when the seemingly easy job turns into an all out war she and her sister Jane end up caught in its epicenterAs the Beasts turn New York's rooftops into a battlefield Pain starts to uestion the enemy's true motives – and the. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this bookI read the original version of this book in 2015 and it was one of those books that just stuck with me I have been checking back looking for future books and then I was contacted by the author with the chance to read this updated version with extra chapters I was excited to go back into this world of Sky Ghosts Beasts It was every bit as good as I remembered I still loved these characters I love the sisters and how they relate to each other and everyone around them Pain is sassy snarky and I love it This is easily one of my favorite books both old new versions I can't wait to see what book 2 has to bring when it comes out in the near future