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Download Dark Prince doc ½ 447 pages ñ Christine Feehan Ð ❰Reading❯ ➸ Dark Prince Author Christine Feehan – Carpathians are an immortal race of beings with animal instincts Every Carpathian male is drawn to his life mate a Carpathian or human female able to provFt to help the police track down a serial killer Now she is determined to escape the glare of recent publicity for the peace and uiet of the Carpathian Mountains Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky is the leader of his people but as his ancient Carpathian race grows ever closer to extinction he is close to giving in to the heavy weig When I try to evaluate this book I close my eyes and picture old fashioned weighing scales On the left is the negative aspect about this novel On the right the positives will be measured The negativeTruly there was only one My only real complaint was thisI've noticed that Ms Feehan will use very long sentences and as many words as possible in most sentences to convey her story She will write things repetitively instead of just once although I think a lot of authors have this tendency It makes the narrative very dense resulting in somewhat difficult reading This effect is especially noticeable when I am tired or I want a uick read Out of all of her books that I've read this was the hardest book to read The good news is this was her first book I am not a published author and I may never become one only time will tell But this is my philosophy I give writers the respect due to them Despite the fact that it was tough reading at times I did like this story and I got a vivid picture of what Ms Feehan was writing about with her story I think she wrote a singular book here Because this was her first book I definitely give her leeway and experience has shown that she has learned to use words economically since this first endeavor although she will never be a succinct writer Knowing her writing style I read her when I'm in the mood And when I am in the mood I usually go away from her stories very happy I had heard this book was pretty bad and I'd have to disagree with that statement I feel it's probably a matter of personal tastes really Although I will freely admit it was a somewhat difficult readThe PositivesI really really like this concept of the Carpathians I think Ms Feehan has taken the vampire romance and put her own personal stamp on it Something about these lonely people primarily men doomed to succumb to their own dark natures yearning for a woman to complete them to make them whole it calls to me I like the dark nature of the men and how love has the power to save them I'm sappy that way I love the vividness of the world she has created The rules are clear cut and make sense to me It's such a fascinating world for me I love the drama even if sometimes I did smile when it seemed pretty over the top Heck that's what I like when I read paranormal romance If I wanted run of the mill romance I wouldn't reach for a vampire romance I think the men are pretty sexy Yes they are pretty old world in their values They are kind of dark and scary and primitive in some ways I'm not afraid to admit that works for me when I'm in the mood for it It's not my real life and I don't read to see my real life played out How boring would that be I want escapism drama extraordinary stories I get that with the Carpathian books Although the Carpathian men are I see I take kind of men when it comes to their life mates; at the same time they seem to value womankind holding them in very high esteem You could see how much Mikhail truly treasured Raven He would die if she died The other Carpathians watched over her very carefully and saw her as the hope for their race I don't see these men as brutal misogynists at all I cannot ascribe modern day rules to a man who is practically immortal and who has lived millenia I realize that this kind of story won't work for everyone I'm not ashamed to say that it does work for me when I accept the rules of this world and I look at it from a different perspective I have read contemporary non paranormal books with heroes who were much worse than the Carpathians some by a very famous author who is well loved and I love a lot of her books too although there is one where I hate the hero wit

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Ht of loneliness and despair From the moment their minds touch Raven and Mikhail form a connection But there are those who incorrectly view all Carpathians as vampires and are determined to give their extinction a helping handThere is an extended edition with an additional 100 pages Dark Prince Author's Cut Special Edition Mikhail Dubrinsky and Raven WhitneyThe book cover is old fashioned the writing style is so decadent and dreamy Still it is such an interesting approach to the vampiresshifters mythology and fated matingIt made me remember that the first PNR stories about shifters were the stories about the vampires A vampire could transform into a bat or a wolfIt also made me remember that vampires love sleeping inside the earth They are supposed to be the oldest creatures alive so their connection to earth and blood is their connection to lifeI noticed that the Carpathian vampires in this series are a bit Neanderthal and the heroines are a bit like damsels in distress but I honestly do not mind this at all Raven stared up at his face drinking in the strong lines and the way he looked at her with something close to adoration She smiled at him “I think you’ve managed to put some kind of spell on me” “If I did” he whispered “it backfired and I managed to ensnare myself as well”

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Dark PrinceCarpathians are an immortal race of beings with animal instincts Every Carpathian male is drawn to his life mate a Carpathian or human female able to provide the light to his darkness Without her the beast within slowly consumes the man until turning vampire is the only option Raven Whitney is a psychic who has used her gi Narrator Juanita ParkerLength 125 hours Published by Books In Motion December 2005How to Woo Your Life Mate by Mikhail Dubrinsky Leader of the Carpathians1 Never call her by her given name Always call her “Little One” It makes her feel special2 Lurk outside her window in your animal form and admire her bum with your dark burning eyes You have super powers for a reason Use them3 Infect her dreams and mind molest her If she says “no” do what you want anyway Women love it when you take control Any weeping that ensues is from pure bliss When you are done blame her for “releasing the beast” 4 She is yours because you have said so If any man dares put a hand upon her attempt to end his life You own her5 Swoop in and carry her back to your lair where you take control of her entire life Ignore any token struggle she puts up She will submit6 Rip her jeans and make her wear clothing that meets your approval Real women do not wear men’s clothing7 Brand her with your sharp toothies at the first opportunity 8 Repeat yourself freuently Women are forgetful creatures9 Never gently take her by the hand always “shackle her by the wrist” 10 Remain arrogant overly protective obsessive morose melodramatic and controlling at all times She will think you sexy and oh so strong And if that doesn’t work just compel her and bend her to your will Again see #2 It is with great sadness that I must admit that I made none of that up This is how Mikhail behaves He is the leader of the Carpathians a dying race of shape shifting blood drinkers whose women folk are unable to produce healthy female off spring When he meets the naïve pliable human with telepathic powers named Raven he realizes she belongs to him He also expects her to “save” his race He believes she is strong enough I suppose though this is never proven and he plans to impregnate her with female babies who will grow up and become the life mates of his long lived men His men are on the verge of giving in to their “dark sides” and turning into true vampires Life without a mate really sucks I guess I’m finished with the book now and I still haven’t a clue why he feels she is “the one” to save them and why she'll be able to endlessly birth these amazing girl babies What if she dares push out a boy I wonder? I shudder to think of the berating she’ll take for that one Because you know it will be entirely her faultAnyway while the two are working out the kinks in their relationship basically he tells her what to do she whines a little and then does it there are villains attempting to put the Carpathian’s out of their misery permanently “My women Assassins are after them We must protect the women” Action ensues People are slain and seuels that I will never read are set up And then there’s the narration Juanita Parker made an unfortunate choice reading this overblown book in a deadly serious monotone for all of the characters I tuned out than I tuned in and did a lot of rewinding The men all sound the same mostly angry always bossy and not a one of the lot has a sexy accent Wouldn’t a man named Mikhail Dubrinsky having lived for hundreds of years in the Carpathian Mountains which I believe is supposed to be located somewhere in Europe? have picked up a little accent in all that time? And I know this is a nitpick and someone will surely blast me for it but it has to be mentioned because this is supposed to be a professional production right? So why on earth didn’t someone whisper to the narrator that “acrost” is not a word? There is no T in across You have no idea how many times “across” is used in a novel until it