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Memoirs of a Dervish: Sufis, Mystics and the Sixties Read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ Memoirs of a Dervish: Sufis, Mystics and the Sixties Author Robert Irwin – In the summer of 1964 while a military coup was taking place and tanStical experience run through this of a Dervish PDFEPUB #233 memoir But political violence of a Dervish Sufis Mystics MOBI #190 torture rock music drugs nightmares Oxbridge intellectuals and first love and its loss are all part of this strange story from the. Little than a rant

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In the a Dervish PDF #205 summer of while a military coup was taking place and tanks were rolling through the streets of Algiers Robert Irwin set off for Algeria in search of Sufi enlightenment There he entered a world of marvels and ecstasy converted to Isla. Francoise Hardy Velvet Underground Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear; Frithjof Schuon Christmas Humphreys Ouspensky; The Meaning of Life talking all night hitch hiking; Better Books SOAS Notting Hill Project; Aleister Crowley Louis Massignon but oddly not Henri Corbin Shaikh al Alawi; LSD speed strange tobacco In fact I didn't buy this because of the 60's nostalgia I have my own and don't normally need anyone else's but because I have liked all of Robert Irwin's books and like the way he writes and here his down to earth humour and not infreuent wisdom of which there are some very nice touches near the end is given ample scope But once into the book almost every reference except Sufi monastic life and black magic not my things had a resonance for me In short an autobiography that reads like a cracking good novel But it is a life a variety of which we all of that generation have and this is a rather a wonderful one And when it's beginning to close and we have long since fallen to earth something of all of that as in Irwin's case remains

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Memoirs of a Dervish Sufis Mystics and the SixtiesM and Memoirs of PDF or received an initiation as a fair He learnt the rituals of Islam in North Africa and he studied Arabic in London He also pursuedesoteric topics under a holy fool possessed of telepathic powers A series of meditations on the nature of my. An excellent and honest assessment of his early days by a friend of several decades I made many comparisons and contrasts with my undergraduate and postgraduate years which came best part of a decade before his It reminds of days when Islam appeared far less threatening than now especially with the recent assassination in Algeria