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More Than A Diet Book 7 Steps I took to lose 40 lbs find joy and peace even while working 40 hours Never Stop Learning Lifestyle SeriesRnal factors that will make us happy peaceful and joyous Before long we realize we went the wrong direction and ended up somewhere we dont want to beWritten by Family Nurse Practitioner and author Brandon Pervis Sr More Than A Diet Book will show you how toWhat are the critical components to a proper healthy dietTips and ways to eat healthy while raising a familyHow to develop an exercise plan that works for youWhy uality sleep is essential and how to obtain itHow to create a supportive loving team around youThe importance of reducing your stress and managing your emotions for weight lossHow to develop good habits andself discipleIncrease your self esteem and belief in yourselfHow to improve your relationship with GodcreatorGet started changing your diet and lifestyle today with More Than a Diet Book Your best life is waiting for you Scroll to the Top and press BUY NOWPlease while it does cover numerous diets and topics including intermittent fasting it is not exhaustive It is not comprehensive It for weight loss participants getting started on the program Forinformation and particulars please see the Health Cente. Like many Americans I have tried this and that diet in an attempt to lose weight After reading this book I feel comforted It's normal and even preferable to keep trying different diets until something fits in your life and works with your body There is no Holy Grail of diet Much of the book emphasizes that you need to improve other aspects of your life such as exercise relationships and spirituality as well as tend to your dietThe author is humble while dispensing excellent advice I find him very open likeable and well informed Unfortunately the book was too repetitive for me in places By the way the actual diets that he mentions are in the appendix

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The first place bad nutrition ideasSo if you are up to here with feeling defeat overweight depressed and overwhelmed you can become your self health coach and make it out How do I know this to be true Because I have been there myself obese depressed and confused with no direction about how to change my diet andimportantly my lifeUntil one day I said enough is enough I cant live like this any With a negative environment around me and only my faith in God and my son to inspire me I made it out of my self made prison called my body Then I came back to show other patients like myself at my office The Never Stop Learning Center for Primary Care the steps I took and to my amazement it worked for them as well Not only did they lose weight but they found the same joy and peace I experiencedDownload More Than A Diet Book steps I took to lose lbs and find joy and peaceDeep down inside our souls we know that we are created powerful beyond measure by a wonderful creator However somewhere along the lines whether from our environment parents social media we stop believing it and we start to settle We buy into the dream of exte. This is a really simple book It was a bit too basic for me but I still gave it 5 stars because I think this book is perfect for someone who doesn't know much about nutrition health and diet but wants to start because it also gives a good philosophy or lifestyle guidlines for living a healthier lifeI recommend this book for someone who is just starting out on a fitness and wellness journey and who doesn't want to get too much into the science and details This is also a good book for anyone looking to change their lifestyle into something that they can do long term ie something that they can stick with year in and year out The author is very relatable he has the same career and family obstacles that you do He found some ways to work with those obstacles and still get in shape and be healthy You can too

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More Than A Diet Book: 7 Steps I took to lose 40 lbs, find joy and peace even while working 40 hours (Never Stop Learning Lifestyle Series) characters ´ 104 Ô ❰EPUB❯ ✰ More Than A Diet Book: 7 Steps I tookAre you A Diet MOBI #241 overweight and feeling overwhelmed about which direction to go Are you tired of trying and failing the latest sure weight loss More Than PDF programs that leave you weighingthan you started Tired of feeling like a prisoner to your diet but dont have the time to fix itJust Than A Diet PDFEPUB #232 know that you are not alone We all are struggling with these same issues of improving our diet and health As we age and Than A Diet Book 7 Epubtake onresponsibilities it becomes difficult to eat healthy in a way that fits into our livesIts time to escape your internal prison and start living your best life now and you hold the keyHere is the bottom line No Than A Diet Book 7 Epubone is coming to fix your diet and save you To change your nutrition and health is % your responsibility Here is another fact You can accomplish amazing things that you set your mind to achieving it all starts with you changing how you think Anything that you think about consistently you will act out in your life Anything that you do invariably will lead to habit formation which is how you became a prisoner to your diet in. Brandon Pervis has written another book on dieting As someone who has been fasting and dieting for decades I wasn't sure what to expect Overall the big difference with this book was a personal account of Brandon's life and what lead him to begin to take care of his health and wellness I very much liked how vulnerable and honest Brandon was in sharing his experience As a Social Worker I could easily relate to Brandon's story I too busily raised my son worked and pursued a degree to improve my life And I too was also learning to care for others but was not caring for myself It also took a rude awakening for me to begin to take care of myselfI also appreciated the summary of the Paleo Keto Mediterranian and raw food diets But my favorite part of this book was Brandon's disclosure that praying to Jehovah brings peace Fasting and prayer have been my greatest aids in taking and keeping weight off too God bless you brother In Christ Jesus alone