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Providence Lost: The Rise and Fall of Cromwell's Protectorate (A Year In . . .) review Ê 100 Ã ➸ Providence Lost: The Rise and Fall of Cromwell's Protectorate (A Year In . . .) Free ➮ Author Paul Lay – The story of the rise and fall of Oliver CThe story of the rise The Rise PDFEPUB #232 and fall of Oliver Cromwell's ProtectorateEngland's sole experiment in republican government and one of the most extraordinary but neglected periods in British history'A compelling and wry narrative of one of the most intellectually thrilling eras of British history' GuardianSHORTLISTED FOR THE CUNDILL HISTORY PRIZE England Oliver Cromwell has defeated his royalist opponents in two civil wars executed the Stuart king Charles I laid waste to Ireland and crushed the late king's son and his Scottish allies He is Providence Lost PDFEPUBmaster of Britain and Ireland But Parliament divided between moderates republicans and Puritans of uncompromisingly millenarian hue is faction ridden and disputatious By the end of Cromwell has beco. There are some interesting essays or articles in this book I enjoyed the chapters on the Western Design on the multiple plots to assassinate Cromwell on the uakers and on the protectorate parliamentary sessionsBut the book itself doesn't work It is difficult to guess what the aims of the book were and the author doesn't present any The various topics are not weaved together coherently Some of the writing is very poor long disjointed ambiguous sentences with multiple subordinate clausesIt's curious that Cromwell and his government is not seen as central to the book For much of the text he appears as a background character who appears from time to time Very strange The result is very disappointing and frustrating The two endorsements on the back cover come from well known historians who apparently read a draft of this book Instead writing glowing reviews which are manifestly undeserved they should have encouraged the author to re think the whole book The raw material is very good

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Me 'Lord Protector' Seeking dragons for an elect Protestant nation to slay he launches an ambitious 'Western Design' against Spain's empire in the New World When an amphibious assault on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola in proves a disaster a shaken Cromwell is convinced that God is punishing England for its sinfulness But the imposition of the rule of Lost The Rise eBook #9734 the Major Generals bureaucrats with a penchant for closing alehouses backfires spectacularly Sectarianism and fundamentalism run riot Radicals and royalists join together in conspiracy The only way out seems Lost The Rise and Fall Kindle to be a return to a Parliament presided over by a king But will Cromwell accept the crown Paul Lay narrates in entertaining but always rigorous fashion the s. There are plenty of Cromwell biographies but this is about the protectorate period and highly readableWhy an earlier review complained about failure to describe Cromwell's thoughts is a mystery to me

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Providence Lost The Rise and Fall of Cromwell's Protectorate A Year In Tory of England's first and only experiment with republican government he brings the febrile world of Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate to life providing vivid portraits of the extraordinary individuals who inhabited it and Lost The Rise and Fall Kindle capturing its dissonant cacophony of political and religious voicesReviews 'Briskly paced and elegantly written Providence Lost provides us with a first class ticket to this Cromwellian world of achievement paradox and contradiction Few guides take us so directly or so sympathetically into the imaginative worlds of that tumultuous decade' John Adamson The Times ' Providence Lost is a learned lucid wry and compelling narrative of the s as well as a sensitive portrayal of a man unravelled by providence' Jessie Childs Guardi. The narrative hinge on which this worthwhile book pivots is the so called Western Design the Protectorate’s ill thought out and euipped foray against Spain’s colonies in the West Indies It is an episode that Paul Lay posits as both the tipping point in the fortunes of Oliver Cromwell’s constitutional project and emblematic of the systemic amateurishness factionalism and conseuent indecision that bedevilled his regimeThe failure of the military operation against Hispaniola despite the happy accident of winning Jamaica instead – happy if you were an aspiring sugar magnate anyway – undermined Cromwell’s faith in the workings of a divine destiny; hence the title ‘Providence Lost’ All the surprising then is the omission of a map showing the region or of maps at all In what is otherwise a beautiful book to hold and to read as it should be at the RRP price there are also signs of haste with tortuous syntax and several chunky instances of repetitious phrases or uotesBut we learn much about hapless Royalist plotters non conformists and the Major Generals tasked with punishing and taxing Royalists and raising the country’s moral standards Cast almost in silhouette against the colourful if agonised introspections afforded by the trial of the uaker James Nayler and the fireworks sparked between military Republican radicals and moderate reformers seeking a monarchical hereditary settlement based on Cromwell’s family the Protector himself is often only dimly discerned racked by illness and doubt as he tries to reconcile multiple threats from within as much as abroad In the end the centre could not holdAs Paul Lay observes 17th Century British history and the Protectorate in particular is as under appreciated by our reading public as the Tudor period is over represented Aimed at the general reader this book is a welcome attempt at a corrective Those wanting an introduction to the whole Stuart period need look no further than the third volume of Peter Ackroyd’s History of England series