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To Unfreedom PDFEPUB #10003 A wake up call that aims to restore our understanding of the basis of our way of life from the author of international bestseller On TyrannyOne of the bestbrisk conceptually convincing account of democracys retreat in the early years of st century Guardian The past is another country the old Road to Unfreedom Russia Europe Epubsaying goes The same might be said of the future But which country For. For me the key was the theoretical underpinning his concepts of the Politics of Inevitably and of Eternity The Politics of Inevitability are that a modern democratic state leads inevitably to a better future and that as such ideas don’t matter and nothing much needs to be done The Politics of Eternity are that history just repeats nothing can be done and so reuire permanent imagined enemies as a substitute a substitute for the progress that can never come The title of the book refers to the process of shifting from the former to the latter

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The Road to Unfreedom Russia Europe America608 deployed as a Russian weapon But this threat presents an opportunity to better understand the pillars of our freedoms and face the choices that will determine the future euality or oligarchy individualism or totalitarianism truth or liesA brilliant and disturbing analysis which should be read by anyone wishing to understand the political crisis currently engulfing the world Yuval Noah Harari bestselling author of Sapien. Timothy Snyder is a professor of history at Yale and author of ‘Bloodlands’ and ‘Black Earth’ He speaks and writes in five European languages reads philosophical works in their original Russian and lectures in English German and Polish Snyder’s specialist subject is the study of how democratic government has in various places through the past century been skilfully dismantled stage by stage by autocrats and ‘The Road to Unfreedom’ has an intentionally Orwellian sounding titleThe book is essentially the story of how Putin is and his oligarchic clan have spread their fascist ideology through Europe by invading and annexing southern and southeastern Ukraine and successfully developed hybrid information warfare to support right wing parties in Britain France Putin lavishly by connecting emotionally with a sector of the population ‘the base’ and looping back to a non specific former time promising to “make GermanyRussiaAmerica great again” the language & message is always the same The idea is fostered that there is no truth other than the purity of ‘the people’ ‘the nation’ who are under threat by contamination from outside Jews moslems ‘western degeneracy’ homosexuality Mexicans liberals people from “shole countries”The purpose of government then changes from ‘doing’ – ie improving society by moving it forward and making everyone’s lives better – to ‘being’ guarding the purity of ‘the true people’ All politicians lie but you may choose our lies our alternative reality over ‘theirs’ the others the outsiders the ‘them’ who are not us During this process political opposition is eliminated in stages elections become a rigged and managed ritual investigative journalism is eliminated and replaced by state propaganda ie RT Sputnik & Fox News and politics is reduced to a theatrical spectacle of rabble rousing rallies and the manufacture of artificial crises one after another to keep the population off balance and continuously emotionally enragedWhile it’s possible to nit pick at the edges of Prof Snyder’s thesis and take issue with a few insufficiently supported claims as a writer overall he displays a knowledge of history and clarity of original thought without parallel It’s scary stuff which may change the way you understand the current and future political landscape particularly how the forces of neo fascism Putin Le Pen AFD Trump manipulate reality to their advantage in their thirst for personal wealth power and status

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characters The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Read] ➵ The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America By Timothy Snyder – A wake up call that aims to restore our understanding of the basis of our way of life from thThe Road EpubEuropeans and Americans today the answer is Russia In this visionary work of contemporary history Timothy Snyder shows how Russia works within the West to destroy the West by supporting the far right in Europe invading Ukraine in and waging a cyberwar during the presidential campaign and the EU referendum Nowhere is thisobvious than in the creation of Donald Trump an American failure Road to Unfreedom eBook #8. This is an excellent book that does a good job at unpicking the wheat from the blizzard of chaff that is assailing us at presentSnyder's main premise is that Russia has become a corrupt authoritarian oligarchical dictatorship in which social mobility has collapsed and poverty is endemic for the vast majority of the population Russia under Putin has given up on the basic task of looking after its citizens welfare and is only concerned about maintaining the power of the few at the top of the table Lip service is given to democratic institutions but in reality these are a mere shamIn order to keep his hold on power Putin needed to discredit alternatives abroad All democratic countries and political systems were presented as inherently corrupt and decadent and engaged in a vast conspiracy to keep Russia down forever Strategies such as managed democracy at home keeping the population constantly disorientated blurring the boundaries between truth and fiction and extreme nationalism were all used to manipulate and control domestic Russian opinionThese strategies were given an ideological context by the rehabilitation of long dead Russian Christian fascist thinker Ivan Ilyin whose ideas about Russia's special place in the world its inherent innocence and a pure society ruled over by a Redeemer figure ie PutinPressing the Russian nationalist button was always going to be a good strategy for any dictator like Putin pushing a narrative of being surrounded by a vast conspiracy with enemies everywhere has always worked to prevent dissent at home Personally I think that Ilyin was used to retrospectively justify a course of action that was already planned rather than guiding his actions in the first place But that is only my view Nevertheless Ilyin and his supporters served to provide a narrative of Russian national exceptionalism that provides solace to a population still grieving from a loss of national pride after the cold war It is illuminating to read his odious fascist ideas to say the leastThe collapse of the neo liberal project launched in the aftermath of the cold war in the west the end of history and all that trite nonsense discredited politicians and institutions in the Western democracies It stoked anger and grievances of all kinds These were the foundations that Putin built uponBy deliberately exporting chaos and disinformation by exploiting the differences within democracies by stoking grievances by muddying the boundaries between reality and fiction by supporting fringe candidates and extremist views Putin used the profound political social and economic shock caused by the financial crisis to further destabilize democratic societies and stoke the crisis of legitimacy that we now face The result was chaos shock and disorientation in the West This could be exploited to Russia's advantageThe basic idea in the book is that Putin wants to drag every other country and society down into the mud with himAfter all if every other country is as bad as Putin's Russia then there is no point in the Russian people trying to change things There is no future so give up thinking of alternatives or possibilities Accept your place as a poor but obedient pawn ruled over by a wise dictator figure In return you receive the consolation that Russia is a great power respected and feared once againIt is no coincidence that Trump has adopted similar strategies to exploit the fractures in American society By keeping people constantly off balance always reacting to his latest utterance or tweet undermining anybody who challenges his version of reality and stoking a sense of national grievance in which foreign allies are all untrustworthy leeches who have exploited the purity and generosity of America Trump maintains his hold over the anger and chaosWe live in interesting times