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Wicked LovelyRuleDon't stare at invisible faeriesAislinn has always seen faeries Powerful and dangerous they walk hidden in the mortal world Aislinn fears their cruelty especially if they learn of her Sight and wishes she were as blind to their presence as other teensRule Don't speak to invisible faeriesNow faeries are stalking her One of them Keenan wh 2718 ON SALE for 399 by Rabid Reads35 starsThe first time I read WICKED LOVELY by Melissa Marr I did not like it It was too dark I was too young to catch the deeper connotations that Marr was communicating If it hadn't been published in that weird in between time when I was pretty current on all the interesting series in my preferred genres and therefore desperate for reading material I probably never would've read the second book But it was and I did And it remains my favorite YA series about Fae Aislinn like all of her female ancestors has the Sight She can see through faery glamour magic used to either make the Fae invisible to humans entirely or to make them appear to be human themselves There are many rules her grandmother taught her to ensure her safety but they're all extensions of a single concept keep the secretFaeries don't want to be seen and if they discover a human who can see them that human will be lucky to simply have their eyes gouged out Like I said DarkBut that by itself isn't unusual and I love Fae sooooo what was my problemThis time around I finally figured it out Bc despite improving with the reread I enjoyed it for the authenticity for the underlying message I had previously overlooked for the anticipation of what I know will come next not for this story Not for these charactersAislinn and Keenan Not a huge fan of either of them at this point Donia yes Niall also yes but not nearly as much as I will in INK EXCHANGE Seth meh For now at leastPart of my dislike of the main characters Aislinn and Keenan is superficial I don't like their names #sorrynotsorry Maybe you can completely overlook MEH to blergh names but I can't A rose by any other name and all thatBy itself that would never be enough to make me turn my nose up at a book but when I have other issues with those same characters it compounds And with Keenan especially He embodies the capriciousness that categorizes the Fae but he lacks the whimsicality the charisma that endears the good version of Fae to me Instead of liking him for his Faeness I was irritated by his narcissism There wasn't anything specific about Aislinn that I that disliked but there wasn't anything I did particularly like either As for Seth I'm not even remotely attracted to this incarnation I got over my fascination with über pierced Bad Boys who may or may not have a pet snake rolls eyes when I was in high school BUTMarr is a true scholar when it comes to fairy folklore and the aforementioned authenticity is fantastic It's not limited to the physical descriptions of various types of Fae she weaves the rules for dealing with Fae the practices the conseuences the temperaments Keenan excluded ultimately creating a captivating Fae world overlapping our own This setting the WICKED LOVELY world is so well established in this first installment that in hindsight it's not at all surprising given new main characters I loved the next book Beyond that Marr gives us a heroine who despite being backed into a corner despite escaping the Fae free and clear being an impossibility grabs the reins of her power making the best of a situation she wants no part of but can't escape Aislinn accepts the world as it is and makes it work for her I may not have connected with her but I respected her SO While I consider this first installment to be significantly weaker than those that follow it isn't terrible and I still highly recommend it to anyone who loves the Fae

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Download Wicked Lovely Mobi × 328 pages  ❰Epub❯ ➚ Wicked Lovely Author Melissa Marr – Rule #3 Don't stare at invisible faeriesAislinn has always seen faeries Powerful and dangerous they walk hidden in the mortal world Aislinn fears their cruelty especially if they learn of her Sight an O is eual parts terrifying and alluring is trying to talk to her asking uestions Aislinn is afraid to answerRule Don't ever attract their attentionBut it's too late Keenan is the Summer King who has sought his ueen for nine centuries Without her summer itself will perish He is determined that Aislinn will become the Summer ueen at any cost I liked this book a lot than I thought I would I mean usually when a book is hyped up a lot my immediate reaction is to roll my eyes and wonder if it's worth the hype I didn't start reading the Harry Potter series until the third one was already out and then I read them all in one sitting So I'm a book cynic and was worried that I would mind trash this baby Ok first of all the most gorgeous cover ever Provocative beautiful and well well done Harper Collins Here's the thing about the writing I felt like this was a good book I really enjoyed it i got caught up on it I liked the concept a lot it just felt like it could've used one polish if that makes sense Some of the sections feel disjointed from one another just in terms of narrative I absolutely love how the main character avoids the fey but then suddenly it's a huge about face that I didn't uite follow with her I also thought that the relationship between her and the two male characters was interesting but I wanted to fall in love with the King and instead I dunno I liked the human boy And that colored how I was reading the rest of the book I wanted her to have to struggle but she didn't but neither did I So here's my rec'd since I saw a god awful one in VOYA of this book I'd buy it I'd read it I think this author is only going to get better and better so I'm looking forward to the next book on your pub list But if you have a huge history of reading faery books this one might not be your favorite

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Regardless of her plans or desiresSuddenly none of the rules that have kept Aislinn safe are working any and everything is on the line her freedom her best friend Seth her life everythingFaery intrigue mortal love and the clash of ancient rules and modern expectations swirl together in Melissa Marr's stunning twenty first century faery ta Aislinn has always followed the rules Her Grandmother has drilled them into her since she was a young child Don't stare at invisible faeries Don't speak to invisible faeries Don't ever attract faeries' attention Aislinn has developed the skill to ignore them She walks passed them without flinching even when the faeries are pinching or touching others around her like they love to do Faeries come in many shapes and sizes and Aislinn has seen them all She's seen them in the glamours they wear in order to pass as humans and can pick one out of a crowd even when they are trying to blend in Aislinn has never been surprised by what she has seen them do – that is until they start breaking the rules Faeries don't like steel It causes them pain and weakens them Because of that Aislinn's safe place has always been Seth's house Seth is a long time friend who happens to live in a converted steel train car Aislinn always knew if she could make it there she'd have peace because the faeries could never follow her into the train yard But something has changed They are creeping closer and closer and paying attention to her They are even gathering outside Seth's place Aislinn really begins to worry when two faeries Keenan and Donia approach her and speak directly to her She gets away from them as uickly as possible now hyperaware of the growing number of faeries surrounding and following her She hears them say things like Do you think she's the one Aislinn realizes that in order to figure out what they want from her she is going to have to break the rules she's grown up with all her life Keenan is the Summer King His mother the Winter ueen has limited his powers and is slowly taking over the elements Days are colder and eventually everything will be covered in ice unless Keenan finds the girl who is meant to be his Summer ueen Together they would have the power to overcome the Winter ueen's chill Keenan thinks Aislinn is the one and she is in danger because of it The Winter ueen will do everything she can to prevent her son from getting the power he needs to overthrow her Another problem of course is Aislinn doesn't want to be Summer ueen She has avoided faeries all her life and she sure doesn't want to become one now Especially when her feelings for Seth have developed into than friendship and becoming the Summer ueen would mean spending an eternity with Keenan Melissa Marr has written a wonderfully inventive story that incorporates actual uotes from books written on the subject of faeries dating back to the 1800's Her ability to keep a complicated story with several important characters clear to the reader is phenomenal The relationship she creates between Aislinn and Seth is heartwarming leading the reader to fall in love right along with them If you aren't usually a fan of faerie stories you might want to give this one a try The blending of the realistic world and the world of the fey is masterfully done You'll almost believe faeries are all around you