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Forever PrincessWhat's a Princess to do?It's Mia's senior year and things seem great She aced her senior project got accepted to her dream colleges and has her eighteenth birthday gala coming up not to mention prom graduation and Genovia's first ever elections What's not When I sat down on the couch tonight with this book I was honestly just planning on reading a few pages NOT the entire book for sure in one sitting This is my first time rereading this book but it had been so long I had forgotten most of it I was so happy that Micheal was a bigger part since he's one of my favorite characters It was really odd to start it and have it take place almost two years after the last since most of them take place almost immediately after the events of the previous book However it was really nice to see how much Mia had matured I loved this ending and I'm SO HAPPY I can finally read A Royal Wedding I'm going to bed now but I'll definitely start it tomorrow

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Forever Princess kindle ò eBook Free ¶ eyltransferservices Í ➾ [Download] ➻ Forever Princess By Meg Cabot ➷ – What's a Princess to do?It's Mia's senior year and things seem great She aced her senior project got accepted to her dream colleges and has her eigTo love about her life? Well everyone adores her dreamy boyfriend JP but Mia is not sure he's the one Her first love Michael is back from Japan and back in her life That senior project? It's a romance novel she secretly wrote and no one wants to publish SPOILERS BELOWPre Review Warning This review is not intended to be any sort of formal review It is a reflection of my thoughts immediately after reading this book and therefore there will be caps locking and excessive exclamation marks Adjust your mood accordinglyOh I went into reading this with cynicism Grandmere or Louie were going to die There was no WAY Mia would come out of this with a boyfriend I was highly supporting the idea that she'd end up self actualized realizing she didn't need a guy to be awesome Idid not see this ending well But as has happened uite a bit lately I fell in love Maybe it's because of personal issues I'm going through senior year the same crazy college rush Mia's going through with some similar personal problems as well I really don't know But this book reminded me once and for all why I read YA and why I am proud to call myself a Princess Diaries fan why I am proud to scoff at those who laugh and say it's all cliche Screw them They don't know a good book obviously They don't know a book that relates to the readers that attracts millions of girls and tells them hey go out there and do your OWN thing They'd rather be reading 'the classics' the ones that will have no immediate impact on their lives Hm Sucks to be them The book started out slow Mia was with JP and the person she had become was not a very great one Slowly but surely as Michael re enters the picture the book picks up the momentum found way back in the very first volume that launched this epic story and Meg Cabot does not lose momentum Everything endsperfectly It's not a perfect happily ever after JP is probably not too happy at that moment butwell yeah it really is It's the most genuine realistic happily ever after Meg Cabot could give her characters and boy did she deliver Did the woman channel Barack Obama on that last page or what? Give her a hand Good luck Mia we'll see you another dayRating I only wish I could go higher than a 55

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It And her father is losing in the Genovian polls to Mia's loathsome cousin RenéWith not just Genovia's but her own future hanging in the balance Mia's got some choices to make And what she decides might determine not just the next four years but forever First of all I would like to say that the author bragged the story too much Well there is no need of thatAfter 18 years of time finally Mia came to her senses and knew that her soulmate was Micheal not JP And her best friend Lilly should have told Mia about JP but then the story would not flow like this And the other thing is that the author had to write 10 books to let Mia and Micheal get back together😒Only one book is left to finish the series 😍