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Hush Hush Epub ¶ È [KINDLE] ❂ Hush Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick – A SACRED OATHA FALLEN ANGELA FORBIDDEN LOVERomance was not part of Nora Grey's plan She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school no matter how hard her best friend Vee pushes them A SACRED OATHA FALLEN ANGELA FORBIDDEN LOVERomance was not pA SACRED OATHA FALLEN ANGELA FORBIDDEN LOVERomance was not part of Nora Grey's plan She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school no matter how hard her best friend Vee pushes them at her Not until Patch comes along With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her P How I Would Have Ended ItThis post was inspired by the fan­tas­tic videos over at wwwhowitshouldhaveendedcom Ital­i­cized text is the orig­i­nal pub­li­cized text from the book and is entirely the work of Becca FitzpatrickThis ren­di­tion is entirely satire It is not meant to offend and I mean no dis­cour­tesy I rec­og­nize that authors put a lot of time and work into their nov­els and I am not try­ing to dis­re­spect that Writ­ing a novel is hard work and is some­thing I have never done and I cer­tainly don’t think I could do a bet­ter job I am sim­ply with light hearted inten­tion using humour and imag­i­na­tion to spark book dis­cus­sion and fun and point out some issues I had with the novelAnd lastly please don’t sue me I have no money And I have chil­dren to feed And I have a cat to feed as well You wouldn’t want a cat to go with­out food would you? Also pretty please with a cherry on top I’ll be your friend? I was backed up against the counter my palms dig­ging into the edge “You’re mad because I didn’t go to Del­phic” I raised one shaky shoul­der “Why Del­phic Patch? It’s Sun­day night Del­phic will be clos­ing soon Any spe­cial rea­son you wanted me to drive to a dark soon to be deserted amuse­ment park?”He walked toward me until he was stand­ing close enough that I could see his black eyes beneath his ball cap“Dabria told me you have to sac­ri­fice me to get a human body” I saidPatch was uiet a moment “And you think I’d go through with it?”I swal­lowed “Then it’s true?”Our eyes locked “It has to be an inten­tional sac­ri­fice Sim­ply killing you won’t do it”“Are you the only per­son who can do this to me?”“No but I’m prob­a­bly the only per­son who knows the end result and the only per­son who would attempt it It’s the rea­son I came to school I had to get close to you I needed you It’s the rea­son I walked into your life”I looked at him for a moment his intense gaze shoot­ing through me as I con­sid­ered the infor­ma­tion he’d just confirmed“Okay” I said straight­en­ing up and slip­ping out from his over­bear­ing pres­ence to put some space between us“Okay?”“Okay I’m out of here”“You can’t go” Patch said his face twist­ing into a con­fused expression“Well you’ve pretty much admit­ted that you were going to kill me in a very per­sonal way might I add I think that jus­ti­fies a uick and hasty exit” I spat at him straight­en­ing my out­fit in indig­na­tion and stand­ing up to him with con­fi­dence than I feltPatch splut­tered for a moment blink­ing his eyes dis­be­liev­ingly “But I wasn’t I mean” he looked lost for a moment before vis­i­bly col­lect­ing him­self and slip­ping back into his usual con­fi­dent demeanor “You want me to come clean I will I’ll tell you every­thing Who I am and what I’ve done Every last detail I’ll dig it all up but you have to ask You have to want it You can see who I was or you can see who I am now I’m not good” he said pierc­ing me with eyes that absorbed all light but reflected none “but I was worse”I arched an eye­brow and stared at him in dis­be­lief “Well I have a dif­fer­ent plan Patch Mainly revolv­ing around the fact that you pur­posely entered my life in order to stalk harass and mur­der me for your nefar­i­ous schemes So I think this would be a pretty good time for you to uit the mys­te­ri­ous bull­shit and be extremely trans­par­ent about every­thing I need to know I mean you haven’t even assured me at this point that you’re not actu­ally going to kill me And I don’t mean to harp on this point – but that’s a pretty impor­tant facet of this dis­cus­sion for me”He stalked close to me again affect­ing a brood­ing intense expres­sion and caus­ing my heart to thud painfully in my chest His boots were flush with the toes of my ten­nis shoes “I’m not going to kill you Nora I don’t kill peo­ple who are impor­tant to me And you top the list”I exerted con­sid­er­able effort to con­tain an eye­roll but it slipped through at the last minute “You’re imping­ing on my pri­vate space” I said inch­ing back­ward in dis­taste Patch gave a barely there smile “Imping­ing? This isn’t the SAT Nora”I pressed my finger tips to his chest He glanced at the spot where we touched and then back up to my eyes “If my vocab­u­lary is caus­ing you dis­tress” I whis­pered huskily look­ing up to him with a wicked smile on my face “then let me express my dis­plea­sure in the only way you seem to understand”Patch’s brow creased in con­fu­sion a moment before my heel came down hard on his instep He hopped back in pain look­ing at me with both hurt and bewil­der­ment “Per­sonal bound­aries Patch Respect them when I ask you to See I have this rule about let­ting would be mur­der­ers within ten feet of my very stab able body Now tell me Is Dabria going to be com­ing after me”Patch mirac­u­lously less inter­ested in encroach­ing on my per­sonal space shrugged from where he was “You could take her Angel” he said “I’ve seen both of you in action” he looked down at his injured foot and winked “and my bet’s on you You don’t need me for that”“I don’t think I need you for much of any­thing” I sneered turn­ing on him and head­ing to the door “Door’s locked” he said from behind me “And we have unfin­ished business”“Lis­ten the only unfin­ished busi­ness we have is between my knee and your crotch if you come near me again” The cell phone in my pocket rang to life “In fact” I said as I pulled it out “you’re going to go away and I don’t ever EVER want to see your broody mopey face again You have for­ever cured me of bad­boys When this is over it’s strictly account­ing nerds and bank­ing types for me This was absolutely the WORST way to pun­ish my mother for her absence assert my inde­pen­dence and act out my grief from los­ing my father I should have just stolen money from my mother’s purse and bought alco­hol like a NORMAL teenager” I pressed the accept but­ton on my cell “What?” “Babe” Vee said We had a bad con­nec­tion the crack­led of sta­tic cut­ting across her voice “Where are you?”“Where are you? Are you still with Elliot and Jules?” I flat­tened a hand against my free ear to hear better“I’m at school We broke in” she said in a voice that was naughty to per­fec­tion “We want to play hide and seek but don’t have enough peo­ple for two teams So do you know of a fourth per­son who could come play with us?”An inco­her­ent voice mum­bled in the background“Elliot wants me to tell you that if you don’t come be his part­ner –hang on what?” Vee said into the backgroundElliot’s voice came on “Nora? Come play with us Oth­er­wise there’s a tree in the com­mon area with Vee’s name on it”I groaned in dis­be­lief and promised myself that if I sur­vived this I’d choose friends who weren’t com­plete and utter dumbasses “Who was that?” Patch askedI sighed heav­ily “That was my brain­less drop­kick friend phon­ing me to pass along the mes­sage that Elliot and Jules are going to mur­der her vio­lently unless I go meet up with them”“What was that you were say­ing about never again see­ing my broody mop­ing face?” Patch asked his con­fi­dence returned tri­fold and an enor­mous grin spread across his faceI resisted the urge to smash my face into the tiled wall repeat­edly “Oh shut up and come on I’ll prob­a­bly end up nobly sac­ri­fic­ing myself and sav­ing your ass any­way so cut the shit Patch”He unlocked and opened the door let­ting me out ahead of him“Still going to set­tle for an accoun­tant or banker?”“You had bet­ter be so damn awe­some in bed or I am going to stab you through the eye with your own lit­er­al­ized ego”“I have ninety nine prob­lems Nora but per­for­mance in the sack is NOT one of them”The end

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Atch draws Nora to him against her better judgmentBut after a series of terrifying encounters Nora's not sure whom to trust Patch seems to be everywhere she is and seems to know about her than her closest friends She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide And when s Let's see My reviewWhat I learned from this bookWell I learned that it was a lot of fun to write Enjoy the fall all

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Hush HushHe tries to seek some answers she finds herself near a truth that is way unsettling than anything Patch makes her feelFor she is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those that have fallen and when it comes to choosing sides the wrong choice will cost Nora her life Top Ten Irrational Points in hush hush Nora’s sex ed class begins with the teacher stating “Human reproductionreuires mature handling And like all science the best approach is to learn by sleuthing For the rest of the class practice this techniue by finding out as much as you can about your new seating assignment partner Tomorrow bring your write up of your discoveries and believe me I’m going to check for authenticityI want to see real interaction and teamwork” This is a biology class Teaching kids how to get to know one another reflects the teaching of the science of human reproduction how???? The next day class focuses on what ualities each student looks for in a “potential mate” and the nuances of body language when hitting on someone Again this is Bio Not health not well I don’t know what cause I never took a class this ridiculous But I took a lot of sciences and this ain’t it Later on in the book the Bio class is “running a lab on blood pressure” Uh that has nothing to do with high school biology And even less to do with human reproduction WTF? Further in the blood pressure lab “Vee is lying faceup on a table” Argh Those lab tables are filthy Chemicals dissections kids are not allowed to sit on them much less lay on them And really unless you are checking orthostatic BP there is really no need to lie down for five minutes before hand All I can say is that Becca Fitzpatrick must have been homeschooled Later Nora approaches her Bio teacher about switching her seat away from Patch because he makes her feel uncomfortable The teacher not only ignores her plea but enlists her to tutor Patch This all takes place right after Patch is seriously sexually harassing Nora in class in front of the teacher and seemingly with the teacher’s encouragement More support for the homeschooled theoryNora is driving home one night and approaches a traffic light The light turns yellow and Nora ”rolled to a stop checked to see that traffic was clear then pulled into the intersection” What the hell? Who stops at a yellow light to see if traffic is clear?? Why wouldn’t it be when the other side still has a red light? I’m guessing that Fitzpatrick has never owned a driver’s license Ever A rollercoaster called The Archangel Do people at a park really give a crap about biblical lore? Further the car Nora Patch ride in has a “grouping of four paintings” depicting an angels’ fall from grace Don’t all rollercoasters have large flashy graphics that can be seen from a distance look cool when speeding around the track? Since when do they sport fairly intricate and thoughtful artwork? A local paper reported that Elliot Saunders a 16yr old kid was the last person to be seen with a girl before her body was found and therefore was held uestioned for her murder So in addition to being a non driving homeschooled amusement park avoider Fitzpatrick is clearly unaware of laws protecting minors in this country The article continues to state that Elliot was released after a suicide note was found in the victim’s apartment There are no further news stories regarding this matter Nevertheless Nora persists in believing that there is a “murder investigation surrounding Elliot” And this girl has hopes of getting into an Ivy league school???? Nora has the police at her house for a 911 call and again to uestion her about an attack on a fellow student Nora’s mother is never informed of the police visits despite the fact that Nora is a minor I shouldn’t be surprised because it has already been established that Fitzpatrick has no understanding of laws pertaining to minors Nora sees Patch’s bare back and notices that ”Two thick gashes ran the length of it They started near his kidneys and ended at his shoulder blades widening to form an upside down V” Is it just me?? If an upside down V extends from the kidneys to the shoulder blades it will NARROW not widen Right? Fitzpatrick could have written that the gashes started at his shoulder blades and extended to his kidneys as they widened to form an upside down V But the way it’s written? It doesn’t make sense Further the kidneys are pretty much right below the shoulder blades not further out from them Yeah I’m nitpicking The final irrational aspect of hush hush is Nora herselfShe is naïve spineless and a horrible and chronic liar When she doesn’t want to do something she will make up lame excuse after lame excuse even when she gets called out for her excuses she never has the balls to simply say “I am not interested in having dinnerdatewhatever with you” She just continues to make up excuses never comes clean or sticks up for herself When Patch is attempting to corner kiss her Nora tells him to go When he doesn’t she says “My legs are falling asleep” What? Who says that? Lord if you want him to go and he doesn’t then TELL HIM AGAIN BUT DON’T MAKE UP SOME LAME ASS EXCUSE No wonder people walk all over Nora and take advantage of her Nora is so frightened of Patch that there is even a scene where he is playing cat and mouse with her chasing her around a parked car until she breaks out in a run only to be caught by him in a matter of seconds But despite her fear she never tells him NO I don’t take issue with Patch Really He is thousands of years old presumably isn’t human and for some reason has developed a crush on a very immature teen So I actually expect him to mess with her a little bit But dumbass Nora actually allows him to manipulate her Not that she deserves it although really she does but Nora does nothing to defend herself against Patch Elliot Vee anyone She loses control of every conversation and interaction she participates in And still manages to come out the “heroine” Whatever Had Nora grown or changed as a result of her experiences I could have forgiven her Or if Nora had suffered some severe conseuences as a result of her stupidity I could have forgiven Fitzpatrick As it isI’m considering destroying this library book and facing the repurcussions of a library black mark or god forbid ban all in the name of saving young impressionable teen girls from thinking Nora is the sort of protagonist to look up to Even Bella Swan is admirable And that’s saying something