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Africa's World War Congo the Rwandan Genocide and the Making of a Continental CatastropheEd the refugees slaughtering upwards World War Congo the Rwandan eBook #198 of people The Rwandan forces then turned on Zaire's despotic President Mobutu and with the help of a number of allied African countries overthrew him But as Prunier shows the collapse of the Mobutu regime and the ascension of the corrupt and erratic Laurent Dsir Kabila created a power vacuum that drew Rwanda Uganda Angola Zimbabwe Sudan and other African nations into an extended and chaotic war The heart of the book documents how the whole core of the African continent became engulfed in an intractible and bloody conflict after a devastating war that only wound down following the assassination of Kabila in P. This book is brilliant and information rich It may be the best book on the Congo Wars but its not an easy read Its tough and gets bogged down sometimes Its an incredibly complex story and it can be hard to follow at times

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The War Congo the Rwandan EpubRwandan genocide sparked War Congo eBook #8608 a horrific bloodbath that swept across sub Saharan Africa ultimately leading to the deaths of some four million people In this extraordinary history of the recent wars Africa's World PDFEPUBin Central Africa Gerard Prunier offers a gripping account of how one grisly episode laid the groundwork for a sweeping and disastrous upheaval Prunier vividly describes the grisly aftermath of the Rwandan World War Congo PDF #180 genocide when some two million refugees a third of Rwanda's population World War Congo the Rwandan eBook #198 fled to exile in Zaire in The new Rwandan regime then crossed into Zaire and attack. Africa if one were to believe the typical journalism is a splendid location for outrage and strong moral judgements The truth is a good deal complex and Gérard Prunier has the experience to reveal it He takes us from the Rwandan genocide over into Zaire dying much as its old boss Mobutu was dying Here we meet a range of politicians generals chancers and entrepreneurs who feed off the needs and fears of a range of mixed populations Into this terrain ripe for massacre and ethnic cleansing also come various nation states; some to hunt their enemies but all to make sure they feed off the carcass The result for over five years was a continental war in Africa Prunier is unsparing in his criticism but also grasps readily why there are no saints as there were no saints when Europe was doing this to itself last century This is a very mature history yet one that does not shrug its shoulders

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Africa's World War: Congo, the Rwandan Genocide, and the Making of a Continental Catastrophe summary à eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Africa's World War: Congo, the Rwandan Genocide, and the Making of a Continental Catastrophe BRunier not only captures all this in his riveting narrative but he also indicts the international community for its utter lack of interest in what was then the largest conflict in the world Praise for the hardcover The most ambitious of several remarkable new books that reexamine the extraordinary tragedy of Congo and Central Africa since the Rwandan genocide of New York Review of Books One of the first books to lay bare the complex dynamic between Rwanda and Congo that has been driving this disaster Jeffrey Gettleman New York Times Book Review Lucid meticulously researched and incisive Prunier's will likely become the standard account of this under reported tragedy Publishers Weekl. In short by far the best book written on the subject by far Whereas othee attempts often concentrate on the anecdote and the superficial Prunier clearly knows by experience what he's talking about It's a long but fascinating book that gives the reader a better understanding no so much on world war often described but on the State in Africa and what motivates it's leaders to use force be it a research of security for Angola wealth for Zimbabwe and Uganda or revenge for Rwanda Behind the façades of states Prunier gives us a masterfull account of individual's strategies and their interconnexions that taken together led not only to a war but to the very definition of a strategic ballance on which the region now rests Essential