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Exams Bring your best on exam day by focusing on the hard GMAT uestions to help improve your performance. Product’s contents are good but its uality was the worst When I opene up the package I found out the cover page was badly bent and looked awful The seller needs to do better on product uality control

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GMAT Official Advanced QuestionsGet additional hard verbal and uantitative uestions to supplement your GMAT Official Guide collection . Should You Buy It 30 for over 150 never before seen hard uestions 150 older hard uestions in a single collection is a great deal compared to new OG editions for 35 It is esp valuable for retakers who ordered ESR's since this book actually matches those categories and the I work with the book and review it the I like it If you are struggling with the GMAT this book is not for you and it is only going to distract you On the other hand if you are up there and looking to bump up your score a bit this collection of Harder Official uestions and Explanations and a Match for ESR categories helpful to retakers is going to be very handy and it is a fairly inexpensive add on The main value would be from those 150 Explanations for the Verbal section However I would NOT replace the main OG with this book and would only buy it in addition Here is a brief overview and some discoveries about the book and its contents There are 150 uant and 150 Verbal uestions 67 PS uestions 83 DS uestions 50 RC's 5 out of 8 passages are completely new 49 CR's 51 SC'sThe categories that these are split into are very odd and unusual but the GREAT news is that these match the ESR categories For example CR is split into AnalysisCritiue and ConstructionPlan and SC into Communication and GrammarProbably the most valuable aspect of the book is that it contains EXPLANATIONS While I have been able to find some of the uestions from the old Power Prep Software those uestions never had explanations just like their cousins in the GMAT Prep online so it is great and helpful to get those explanations and resolve those decade long debates we had about why some of the CRSC answer choices ere wrongThe only disappointing piece is the price I wish it was priced closer to 20Good LuckBB Founder of GMAT ClubPS I reply to comments so comment if you have any uestions

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characters GMAT Official Advanced Questions ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê ➹ [Reading] ➻ GMAT Official Advanced Questions By GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) ➮ – GMAT Official Advanced uestions Your GMAT Official Prep collection of only GMAT Official Advanced uestions Your GMAT Official Prep collection of only hard GMAT uestions from past. I'm a Harvard grad professional GMAT tutor since 2002 and 99% GMAT scorer 770Although only about 100 of the 300 uestions in this book are new this book is incredibly useful for anyone aiming for a 700 score especially those who have already exhausted all of the uestions in the Official Guides OGs Official GMAT Practice Exams and Official GMAT Practice uestions Purchase of the book also includes an access code that allows you to access the same 300 uestions in a mobile or desktop computer formatFor information including a full updated list of my personal GMAT prep recommendations google GMAT Action PlanBest of luck on your GMAT and beyond Brian