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The road in front of Dr Louis Creed's rural Maine home freuently claims the lives of neighborhood pets Louis has recently moved from Chicago to Ludlow with his wife R. Wow Just wow I've put off reading this one for years because well I'm a wimp There I said it When one of the most well known names in the contemporary era of the horror genre says something is his scariest book I take note It seems bizarre that I finally chose to tackle this one while having children the same age as Louis Creed's it was precisely the perfect time to pick this up I listened to almost the entire book over a 24 hour period while road tripping and the experience was unparalleled to any I've had in the scope of reading thus far Side note Michael C Hall was the most excellent narrator for this What likely was a 4 star read initially became a 5 star with no second thought If you haven't experienced this version I cannot recommend it highly enoughRather than a gory blood and guts type of horror this is a slow burning ueasy unease that explodes in the final chapters The suspense nearly did kill me; by the final 25% I found myself wringing my hands and grinding my teeth preparing myself for the inevitable that I knew was coming deep down ever since the beginning I don't think I could have fully appreciated what King intended to accomplish with this novel if I'd read it before having children of my own That's not to say that people without kids won't appreciate this as highly just as statement in my own personal journey Only King can accomplish so much horror with so little bloodshed I finished this days ago but have held off on reviewing until now because I feel like I'm still processing and I can't stop thinking about everything that occurred to this family I had spent so much time prior to reading this book in preparing myself for the big things that I was completely taken aback by how connected I became to the Creed family This is why the detailed slow burn; if I didn't care about this family their neighbors and the town in general why would what happens at the end stick with me for the long haul Oh sure I would have gasped and guffawed at the disturbing nature of the plot but I wouldn't have been emotionally invested If you've been hiding under my big rock for the past few decades and are just catching up on your Stephen King backlog like me I highly recommend picking this up It's not just about the scares with this one but the contemplation on how grief can turn any of us into a monster By far the best audible book I've chosen yet

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Pet SemataryAchel their children and pet cat Near their house local children have created a cemetery for the dogs and cats killed by the steady stream of transports on the busy hi. I absolutely LOVED rereading Pet Sematary It has filled my whole heart King's masterful storytelling is on full display within these pagesClassic King is definitely my comfort place It's where I choose to live This beloved story was even enjoyable the second time throughWhen Dr Louis Creed decides to move his growing family from Chicago to Maine he could never guess how much that one decision could impact their lives Like another good 'doctor' before him Victor Frankenstein Louis is about to discover the hard way thatThis is really such an incredible story King's writing draws you in and holds on until the bitter end As with many of his tales there is an overriding feeling of dread and an ominous atmosphere that seeps through every page It gets in your mind and stays thereThe first time I read this I was in high school It was the early 90s and this was one of the scariest books I had ever read I am in 40 now and this is still one of the scariest books I have ever read In 1983 when this was originally published I can imagine that it was heralded as a ground breaking piece of horror fictionIn addition to still loving all of the characters I picked up on a lot of details this time around that I don't recall noticing the first time As an alumna of the University of Maine at Orono where Dr Creed takes a position as head of the student health center I really enjoyed reading the small sections of the story that took place on campusSide Note The incident he describes with the fraternity boys who were brought in after crashing their toboggan gave me a good chuckle You see my husband's fraternity was at the top of the hill facing the old steam plant The one with the cannon replicas on it We used to do all sorts of things on that hill including sledding snowboarding and even 'slip n sliding' in the summer Yes injuries ensued Another detail I picked up on this time around that I either didn't understand on the first go or had simply forgotten was all of the references to the legend of the 'wendigo' When I was in high school I may have assumed this was something King made up instead of a reference to an actual mythical man eating creature straight out of Algonuin folklore You see we didn't have Google at that timeAnd although I cringed during all scenes related to Church he was treated so unfairly I am so happy with this reread I can definitely picture myself picking this up again and again for years to come An definitive classic

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Pet Sematary Read & Download à 104 ç ✻ [EPUB] ✰ Pet Sematary By Stephen King ❅ – The road in front of Dr Louis Creed's rural Maine home freuently claims the lives of neighborhood pets Louis has recently moved from Chicago to Ludlow with his wife Rachel their children and pet cat N The road in Ghway Deeper in the woods lies another graveyard an ancient Indian burial ground whose sinister properties Louis discovers when the family cat is killed stephenkingcom. It’s probably wrong to believe there can be any limit to the horror which the human mind can experience On the contrary it seems that some exponential effect begins to obtain as deeper and deeper darkness falls—as little as one may like to admit it human experience tends in a good many ways to support the idea that when the nightmare grows black enough horror spawns horror one coincidental evil begets other often deliberate evils until finally blackness seems to cover everything And the most terrifying uestion of all may be just how much horror the human mind can stand and still maintain a wakeful staring unrelenting sanity In my teens Stephen King has crafted my nightmares I am masochistically glad to say that in my adulthood that has not changedHe had been responsible for my bedtime routine Close all doors bathroom closet Check under bed a terrifying prospect as it stands Make sure blanket is firmly tucked in at the feet who knows what creatures might reach up to grab or nibble on them Make sure blanket is firmly tucked in on all sides so that only the head is exposed And still all that preparation for the battle that is bedtime is nigh useless as the nightlights cast shadows that turn into shadowy creatures in the depths of night Glints of light cast upon objects are spun by a restless mind into monstersIt has been years since I've read a Stephen King book That's because my attention span is much shorter now It craves the uick denouément a fast paced plot Action action action I confess that this book did plod along in some parts for me but despite all that there is no doubt in my mind that King is a master at building atmosphere He is tremendously skilled at crafting characters at making them human at making them relatable in their poignancy with moments like a father explaining the inevitability of death to his young child I think we can all relate to that moment He held her and rocked her believing rightly or wrongly that Ellie wept for the very intractability of death its imperviousness to argument or to a little girl’s tears; that she wept over its cruel unpredictability; and that she wept because of the human being’s wonderful deadly ability to translate symbols into conclusions that were either fine and noble or blackly terrifying If all those animals had died and been buried then Church could die any time and be buried; and if that could happen to Church it could happen to her mother her father her baby brother To herself Death was a vague idea; the Pet Sematary was realIn the texture of those rude markers were truths which even a child’s hands could feel I would say half the book isn't a horror in a traditional sense but an exploration of human grief and behavior and human nature itself can be uite terrifyingThat isn't to say that this book isn't filled with moments that makes a chill run down your spine The wind pushed and pulled its fingers through his hair and for a moment the old childlike fear of the dark rushed through him making him feel weak and small and terrorized Was he really going into the woods with this corpse in his arms passing under the trees where the wind walked from darkness into darkness And alone this time I've long since outgrown my nightly monster prepping ritual but I know tonight I won't be sleeping easily “I brought you something Mommy” he screamed “I brought you