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The Darkest Night review à 3 à ❰Epub❯ ➚ The Darkest Night Author Gena Showalter – His powers—InhumanHis passion—Beyond immortal All her life Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past To end the nightmare she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rud to have His powers—InhumTo the arms of Maddox their most dangerous member a man trapped in a hell of his own Neither can resist the instant hunger than calms their torments and ignites an irresistible passion But every heated touch and burning kiss will edge them closer to. sigh What can I say The Darkest Night wasn't very dark I wanted to like this book because it came so highly recommended from friends but I've read Showalter's writing before and I was skepticalWell my first impression was unfortunately right Showalter's writing style is still very light and sugary only it's even out of place in such a dark setting ie constant violenceHer heroes are supposed to be Greek immortals exalted and admired guardians of the gods until their hubris leads the immortals to uarrel with Zeus co In their pride the immortals open Pandora's forbidden Box They loose the worst demons on mankind Violence Disease Pain Misery everything that plagues the world As punishment the immortals are forced to house these demons and their terrible desires in their own bodies It's many years until they learn to control these demons and in the meantime the carnage they inflict on the world is terribleThis sounds like the formula for a wonderfully dramatic angst ridden read but there was no drama Main character Maddox mentions many times that he hates what he is keeper of a malicious demon I'm convinced he feels angst but we rarely ever see examples of the terror he houses inside him I see little evidence for his guilt his great dilemma besides a few fistfights with his bros the one point of depth in the novel Why is it so terrible It's only at the end that someone a villain shows evidence of the terrors inflicted by these men and it's never explained or even verified that the horrors were actually committed by them His demon sees little development and the protagonist hardly sees He is never really developed beyond the loathing he has for his demon and his sin aside from a note on woodcarving and after he meets Ashlyn he becomes subintelligent It's love at first sight and he must protect her because she's his There wasn't much else to explain his sudden overwhelming need for this woman It was very much like reading The Life and Times of the Caveman at points He's literally had centuries with no company other than his own and five other private men At least Ward's men had their hobbies I really wish he would have had some interests or some intelligent clever or any observations at all to make other than his inexplicable attachment to the heroine who also mysteriously falls in love with him though he has no apparent attraction for her other than that he solves that little problem of the voices in her head Oh and his muscles Showalter wants to make sure we're aware that these heroes have muscles numerous times They're all very muscley cavemenBut to their credit the other men seemed to have personality than Maddox Promiscuity and his charm Death and his considered calm intelligence Aeron and his austerity Disease and his humor I'm not really sure about Pain I do hope they don't become simple like Maddox does when they find their women The existence of these men is never really explained however They're immortal guards but since the story's origins have some basis in Greek myth I expected to be able identify them as demi gods or some other familiar staple of Greek legend but they're never really identified A lot in this book is unexplained actually such as how the most feared demons in the Underworld can apparently be tamed by women The book really could have benefited with some detail some development of the Hunters the Lords even the world where angels apparently also exist The bedroom scenes were a little saccharine for me but some readers will enjoy them I found it a little strange that the dialogue was abbreviated in every scene however Love you So good Need you They never managed a full sentence between them and this style does get annoying when used in every single sex scene The plot was good at leastSo in essence this is still Showalter still sugary Harleuin romance with paranormal trappings Don't look for another JR Ward here but if you're due for a uick romance give it a try

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His powers InhumanHis passion Beyond immortal All her life Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past To end the nightmare she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rud to have supernatural abilities not knowing she'll be swept in. As the first full length book in this series this book did a good job of making me want Aside from the love story between Maddox and Ashlyn which was fantastic by the way there was a lot of plot and character development No doubt this will serve to make future books entertaining It was a wholly enjoyable readAshlyn and Maddox seemingly meet by chance He thinks that she's bait for hunters She is curious about the house of immortal beings The townspeople speculate are angels and Ashlyn needs a miracleMaddox is cursed along with his friends for opening Pandora's box As punishment the demon Violence lives within him He is in a constant battle with the demon over his body and mind As if that weren't bad enough he must be killed every night as he killed PandoraAshlyn has lived with her own curse of sorts She has heard voices for as long as she can remember Standing in any given location she can hear every conversation that ever took place there She just wants to make the voices be uiet She figures that if anyone could help her it would be an angelWhen Maddox and Ashlyn cross paths they are instantly drawn to one another They may not trust each other but there is no denying the attraction between them Fierce possessive and protective instincts overtake them Of course there is plenty of danger and action to keep things moving along Somebody is still sending the hunters after Maddox and his friends The attacks are getting bolder and dangerous There is also a change in immortal leadership which is wreaking havoc on Maddox and his friends' livesOverall I thought this was a nice entertaining story I really enjoyed the backstory and all of the secondary characters I look forward to reading each of their stories as I get further into this series In many ways this book was reminiscent of the 'Immortals After Dark' series that I finally got around to reading a little while back However that isn't a bad thing since I loved that seriesThe only negative thing I have to say about the audiobook is that it had this really irritating music that played at a few points Mainly the music started during major transitions in the story At one point I thought Ashlyn was finally going to have sex with Maddox and the music started up It was really cheesy and had me laughing like a loon

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The Darkest NightDestruction and The Darkest PDFEPUBa soul shattering test of loveThough they carry an eternal curse the Lords of the Underworld are irresistibly seductive and unimaginably powerful Don’t miss this incredible new paranormal series from Gena Showalte. Well I finally started the much lauded Lords of the Underworld series I was happy with this book However it does have some issues with it that I felt detracted from it as a stellar read I felt like there was a roughness in some of the writing I have a theory about this I think that the publishers really put a lot of pressure on the paranormal writers to put out a series uickly This takes time away from the authors that they need to polish each book so that it can be at its best I felt like scenes jumped around a lot and some things got left out so I had to go back and reread scenes It also felt like a set up book The mythology was a little vague that I wanted it to be It refers to the Greek gods as The Greeks and the Titans as The Titans Who are they I wanted to know about them I was left with big uestions unanswered Perhaps this will be revealed as the book progresses I just wanted to see some of this information get integrated into this book There were some things I didn't like about the setup like the Hunters I'm not sure that they are formidable enough enemies Maybe this series will come to show that there is a dangerous menace for the LordsOkay you are probably asking why this is a four star book having said all this I'll talk about that after I get the issues off my chest Don't get me wrong I love these paranormal series but I wish that as much energy went into the first book so that the uality is consistent It's really hard when you try to recommend books to people but you have to say But don't give up if you don't care for the first book I hate when that happens because then that person thinks Hmm What's up with her taste in books Not that I think that mind you But you worry your friend will think thatOkay let's talk about the positives with this book I loved the concept of these warriors who have been cursed by being inhabited by ancient demons that were released from Pandora's Box Yes the Pandora's Box of Greek Mythology Pretty darn awesome premise And the execution is very good so far minus the issues I expressed above The characters were interesting and I wanted to learn about them Each warrior stands out from the other I already feel emotionally engaged with the Lords and I want to see that happy resolution for each of them I think Gena Showalter's imagination is really apparent in the characters she creates and the storylines She's really funny too I like the way the Lords interacted What can I say I'm a big fan of the group of guys who live together and fight together They're friends most of the time but sometimes they can be antagonistic with each other But at the end of the day they would die for each otherAshlyn was adorable Not just that She was pretty courageous Some might consider her too sweet but I like sweet heroines I thought she was a perfect match for tortured Maddox I like how drawn she was to him from the beginning He made the voices stop but she was very attracted to him and almost was the pursuer in this book Maddox was a good hero You liked him and felt for him I think how he suffered was pretty awful I don't think the dark elements are as dark as they can be in a paranormal romance but I can't uibble about that I know there are darker series that I can read for that And at the end of the day I love the sweetness of Gena Showalter's stories I really want to smile when I finish reading them I loved the end of this book It was so satisfying that I read the last page againThe steam factor is higher than her prior books And she did well with that The love scenes are hot and explosive but they are loving The best combination You want the couple to be together I loved all their scenes together and the way their attraction unfolds There were parts that made me sigh and other parts that made me want to fan myself because the scenes were hotThis is a good book that will give you some enjoyable hours of entertainment and you'll definitely want to keep reading the series And if you're kind of iffy about this one don't give up on this series or the author Grin