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TExES Core Subjects EC 6 291 Book + Online TExES Teacher Certification Test PrepTics Social Studies Science Fine Arts Health and Physical Education The Core Subjects test was launched in January it replaced the TExES Generalist testWhether you are a traditional college student or a career changing professional. wife I recently took my exam and passed The standards given on the Texas prep manual were so vague I didn't know where to start studying I was so overwhelmedThe book definitely took care of every subject topicThe practice tests were very helpful similar to the actual test uestionsI loved how they give you about 3 practice tests online I used one as a pre diagnostic test one as an after test after studying subtest and if needed I used the third I will say that the percentage below 70% on some of the practice tests had me thinking I was going to fail but that was not the caseThey give you reasoning as to why answers were wrong or right on EVERY practice uestionThe book also contains 1 practice test for each subject if you prefer taking the practice test on paper instead of online however i recommend online to simulate how it will be the day of the examThey do include some visual graphs and such for some topics math music etc but I would have liked diagrams I'm a visual learner for scienceOne thing I strongly recommend is FLASH CARDS The information is in the book but you have to make the flash cards to help youTIP Depending on your schedule I would recommend spending 2 weeks on each subtest pre test study post test and 1 final week reviewing every subtest collectivelyNext I have to take the PPR and ESL supplemental so I will be using REA's books for that tooOH and one thing time goes by so fast for some of the subtests on the REAL exam so when you take the practice tests TIME YOURSELF

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review TExES Core Subjects EC-6 (291) Book + Online (TExES Teacher Certification Test Prep) 100 Â [Read] ➫ TExES Core Subjects EC-6 (291) Book + Online (TExES Teacher Certification Test Prep) Author Join or create book clubs – REA's TExES Core Subjects EC 6 REA's TExES Core Subjects ECTest Prep with Online Practice Tests Gets You TExES Core Kindle Certified and in the ClassroomTexas teacher candidates seeking a generalist certificate for early childhood and elementary school are re. I waited until I took my test and got the scores before posting this reviewLet me start by saying that I'm a good test taker There are some logic and reasoning skills needed to pass the test for sure I ordered the book and studied it almost constantly for three or four weeks The diagnostic exams were alright but after taking a full length exam I recognized there were other things I needed to work on I read almost the whole book throughI will tell you that the Fine Arts section of REA is harder than the actual test You'll mostly just need common knowledge about art and brush up on your basic HealthPE knowledge and skills I can't sing paint draw play an instrument or run for than 60 seconds at a time but I managed a 280300 on that section ELA is hard I recommend using flashcards from uizlet as a supplement Google it in addition to the book The book is great 272300 scoreMath is my subject so I really didn't use the section and when I did I will tell you this right now THERE ARE BAD UESTIONS ON THE MATH SECTION OF THE ONLINE EXAM The one about finding the median and the median ends up being a fraction is a terrible uestion The state isn't trying to trick us 287300 scoreThe information in the social studies section was especially helpful to meBrush up on some knowledge about the amendments and structure of the Constitution 284300 scoreScience and I have a lovehate relationship The material in the REA book just scratched the surface on a lot of things I passed with a 272300 though Definitely use a supplement like reviewing the TEKS lead4ward is a good site for breaking down the TEKS 278300Overall I think you should trust your instincts above all else and use the TEKS as a supplement on all subjects REA is a FABULOUS resource to direct your studying Take as much time as you can to study and find new sources of informationGOOD LUCK

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Uired to take the TExES Core Subjects ECtest REA's all new test prep offers extensive coverage of the five subject areas assessed on the Core Subjects EC examEnglish Language Arts and Reading the Science of Teaching Reading Mathema. To be honest I didn't really use the book at all What I did use was the online practice tests that come with the book I passed my exam my first try with flying colors I only started taking the practice exams a few days before I was scheduled to take itabout an 1 2 hours a day for 3 days I just kept taking the practice exams until I was able to pass them and understood the information on themAlso don't be discouraged if you fail the practice exams a few times I couldn't get higher than a 56 on my social studies but got 270 240 to pass on my actual testMy tips to passUse the diagnostic test online before starting anythingFocus on the areas that they say you need to focus onTake the practice tests many timesDon't be discouraged by low scores The practice tests are harder than the real one