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Sew Kawaii Kawaii is the Japanese work for cute adorable or lovable Cuteness is a large part of the Japanese culture from Hello Kitty which emerged in the 1970s to the cute mascots of today's banks and airlines Kawaii arises from the need to have a little bit of child like innocence and naivete in your life regardless of age or gender You'll see kawaii mascots for companies like Sanrio San x Tokidoki and even the Tokyo police force Kawaii has grown all over the world to inspire cut This book had a lot of really really cute project Kawaii However you have to be confident in your sewing in order to use this book A lot of instructions gloss over what needs to be done assuming that you know enough to get it done The photographs are okay but doesn't show the critical steps that a beginner might need in order to visualize the steps All and all the projects are not super easy but not super hard With a little confidence you can make really cute projects However this is of an idea book rather than a how to

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Doc ´ Sew Kawaii! ¹ Download ð Choly knight ¸ ❮Epub❯ ❧ Sew Kawaii! Author Choly Knight – Kawaii is the Japanese work for cute adorable or lovable Cuteness is a large part of the Japanese culture from Hello Kitty which emerged in the 1970s to the cute mascots Ut the text wil fill you in on techniues to add to your sewing arsenal Organized from easiest to easy you'll find clear instructions to sew accessories simple clothing items stuffed animal plushes and great items to decorate your room You'll be surprised by how easy it is to sew these awesome projects all that's needed is this book a sewing machine some inexpensive fabric and a few other basic sewing tools The hardest part will be deciding which project to start on first What a fun book With 22 different patterns to choose from there is definitely something for everyone I love to make things and especially to make things for kidsThis book has six different chapters with multiple projects in each They are Key Chains Storage Accessories Wearable Accessories Plushies Clothing Home DecorationsI have to admit that I didn’t like ALL of the projects but the ones that I did like I LOVEDAmong my favorites are the towel caddy and the electronic cases I also think that the strawberry key chains and the octopus plushies are adorableHere is a photo from the inside of the book craft has complete instructions and all of the patterns are full size in the back of the book Each of the instructions have a level of experience needed to make the items Most of them are beginnerWith bright colored photos and step by step instructions Choly Knight makes her patterns easy to read and to followGreat for kid crafts and summer funMany thanks to Fox Chapel Publishing and NetGalley for my review copy of this book All opinions expressed here are mine

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E iconic characters that are eye catching in their simplicityThis book is packed with super cute sewing projects that you'll actually want to make Though the instructions are simple enough for a beginning seamstress to get dynamite results advanced sewers will be impressed by the variety of projects and the uality of construction Easy to use step by step instructions photos and patterns guide you through the creation of 22 fun and simple sewing projects Sidebars througho Yes I know it's another craft book with a pun I was actually drawn to this because of the word Kawaii in the title I was actually planning to try the crafts out before reviewing but something stopped me And that is the lack of a sewing machineIn the book the author makes it seem like a sewing machine is so much better than hand sewn maybe it is But if you haven't sewn before I wonder how you're going to make these projects since a sewing machine appears indispensable for most of them But before I go on here's what I did likeThe projects looked cute and were supposed to be suitable for the beginning waves hand in air And with each project a Japanese word is introduced You won't finish the book being able to speak Japanese words yeah phrases and sentences nope but it might spark your interest in learning the languageThe way the book is organised is also uite good since it progresses from the easy stuff like Key Chains to the harder things like Home Decorations Although I don't see myself wearing some of the Jellyfish dress in the Clothes section I might be tempted to try a character hoodie Patterns are also provided although since I'm reading the ebook version it's very very hard if not impossible to use them That is the second part of the reason why I couldn't make any of the projects So this book is confusing While it's supposed to be for the beginner and goes into details like needles stuffing materials and such they expect a sewing machine My grandma has one but it's the old fashion foot pedalled one way cool but I have no idea how to use it without stabbing myself in the hand Plus I'm going overseas soon and I don't think I can buy a sewing machine on my meager allowance I expected and would have preferred projects that only needed hand sewing But still if you like the items featured in the book and happen to own a sewing machine I think you'll really enjoy reading this I guess it's just not for me Oh and never buy an ebook version of a craft book It might be because I was reading on a DRM reader but the book was exceptionally laggy and took a long time to load I'm attributing that the the heavy use of colour and graphics which are necessary but still made me fustratedDisclaimer I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review First posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile