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FREE READ ☆ The Wide Game ã ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ The Wide Game Author Michael West – On the advice of his wife Paul Rice is making plans to attend his 10th year high school reunion Returning to his boyhood home of Harmony Indiana he finds that he is still haunted by memories of that t On the advice of his wFight for their very souls Now as he meets the survivors of that day once Paul makes a chilling discovery the incomprehensible forces that toyed with them have yet to finish playing their own gam. Harmony Indiana This was technically the first book Michael West based in this town besieged by otherworldly influences I read the three novels out of order but that did nothing to take away from the plot of any Each novel is a stand alone and each will have you eagerly searching out stories from Harmony The Wide Game takes place in the 80's in a cornfield ruled by unseen energies When these elements decide to play there isn't anywhere that's safeRecommended

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On the advice of his wife Paul Rice is making plans to attend his th year high school reunion Returning to his boyhood home of Harmony Indiana he finds that he is still haunted by memories of tha. Runthis is The Wide Game on Senior Ditch Day seniors at the local Harmony Indiana high school race each other through a cornfield to a uarry the rules are simple put some money in; if you or your group spot anyone during the game then you must trade personal items and then team up; first individual or group to the uarry wins all of the money simple it becomes not so simple when an accident forces eight students to slowly travel back together through the cornfield carrying the accident victim night falls and it becomes apparent to the little group that there are things lurking in the cornfield on this special evening shapes in the corn and figures in the fog things that whisper in your mind things that want to play with you things that stalk and hunt and kill or force you to killRunthere is a lot that I found to be surprisingly and personally enjoyable in this one the senior class in uestion is class of 1988 so was I they listen to songs like Oh Yeah by Yello so did I our protagonist wants to direct thrillers when he grows up so did I the neighboring South Bend Indiana is considered a Big City heh I lived in South Bendthe book has some problems there is at times a cringe inducing and rather amateurish clumsiness to the writing supporting characters who are flattened into caricature a character who is eliminated by a murder of crows nice one just disappears from the story where's that bodybut none of that matters during the book's lengthy central portion it's pièce de résistance the increasingly ominous then terrifying nighttime journey through the cornfield by our band of protagonists all the problems with the prose fall away during the middle of the book; the story had its hooks into me and wouldn't let go until the end West creates a wonderfully spooky and menacing atmosphere indulges in some over the top gore and even plays a couple narrative tricks on the reader to ratchet up the suspense and horror it all worked perfectly during these chapters I was absorbed and frightened if you like to be scared I highly recommend the central part of The Wide Game it's awesome and would make a great horror flick some spoilers in the next paragraph but I will try to keep it ambiguousI have to make mention of a repulsively fundamentalist twist in the book it made me so furious that I nearly deleted the book from my e reader teens who commit suicide suffer in hell forever emphasis on suffer emphasis on forever teens who have been terrorized abused and mentally tortured made genuinely unstable they are condemned to suffer in hell forever really I don't hate a lot of things outside of say genocide or child molestation or rape I try to keep an open mind about context and personal perspective but I think I can honestly say that I don't just loathe that particular point of view's cruelty I loathe any person who genuinely thinks that way I think it is an evil perspective I hope this is not the author's actual viewpoint but the religious framing within the novel makes me suspect otherwise when I come across such a loathsome unempathetic cruel way of looking at life and the afterlife when I have the misfortune of meeting someone who actually thinks this way I only want to do one thingRun


The Wide GameT timeamemories of Deidra his first love and memories The Wide eBook #192 of the Wide Game It was ten years ago that Paul and his friends watched their day of fun become a race for their lives a. The Wide Game starts off with Paul Rice and his wife arriving at his mother’s house back in his old hometown This visit isn’t just for family fun however it’s also the day of his high school reunion Feeling nostalgic his mother pulls out his old high school yearbooks which trigger horrible memories from his senior year where his class played a game out in the cornfields of Indiana known as “The Wide Game” This wasn’t any kind of game though as many of his fellow students ended up dead Written mostly as an extended flashback The Wide Game takes the reader through the terrible night that Paul Rice his girlfriend Deidra and numerous other friends played The Wide Game their senior year Running around in a cornfield during the middle of the night is spooky enough but when you add in all of the “surprises” that await the students throughout the night well it can get to be terrifying West has created a creepy tale with enough twists and turns to keep any reader sucked into the story and still uestioning what happened when arriving at the end As an added bonus there are ‘80s trivia factoids sprinkled throughout to readers at least those of that era to get in that nostalgic mood along with the cast I would recommend The Wide Game to all fans of horror as it is the kind of story you’d want to pull out on a dark rainy night especially if reading by flashlight out in the middle of a cornfieldContains Language Violence Mild Gore SexReview by Rhonda Wilson