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reader Õ The 5th Wave ☆ Hardcover read ↠ eyltransferservices ¶ ❴Download❵ ➽ The 5th Wave Author Rick Yancey – After the 1st wave only darkness remains After the 2nd only the lucky escape And after the 3rd only the unlucky survive After the 4thUiling and mysterious Evan Walker may be Cassie's only hope for rescuing her brother or even saving herself But Cassie must choose between trust and despair between defiance and surrender between life and death To give up or to get Warning This rant will contain lots of swearing and massive anger This is a rant so I'm sorry if there's weird grammar or bad writing I'm really not caring that much at this point So please bear with meAnd please know that by no means do I intend to offend anyone including the author DNF Sammy's POV I HATED THIS BOOKBest thing to describe it? Boring as fuck This book was my most anticipated book of the year I was expecting so much after all the hype But guess what? This turned out to be the WORST BOOK EVER Even worse than Ever Huh What an irony This is such a massive disappointment Seriously I've never hated a book so muchOut of everything I've read which is like half of the book the only part I liked was the prologue which is sad 'cause it's only 1 page long on my ebook After that it all went downhillThe characters I did NOT care about any of the characters Cassie's basically this really annoying girl who talks and thinks weird I think Yancey tried too hard to make her seem like a tough girl But in truth she has no depth at all Sammy her brother is just a 5 year old kid who really knows nothing about the world So I really don't get the point of writing from his POV Evan the love interest is also a character with no depth but a lot worse than Cassie Basically he's just your average nice guy with no personality AT ALL He has no emotion Nothing It's like he's some kind of robotview spoiler I know he's an alien But aliens do have feelings I guess? Read the Silencer chapter It's him in alien form If I'm not mistaken hide spoiler

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After the 1st wave only darkness remains After the 2nd only the lucky escape And after the 3rd only the unlucky survive After the 4th wave only one rule applies trust no oneNow it's the dawn of the 5th wave and on a lonely stretch o Attention Mister Rick YanceyI have kidnapped your review Your review is not harmed and shall be released as soon as you meet my demandsIn exchange for giving you back your review which I am prepared to do you will first need to provide for me1 copy of The 5th Wave #2 – undamaged complete unmarked except for your signature or a stylized message to meThis copy of The 5th Wave #2 must also contain certain characters unharmed and ready for me to snuggle them in my imaginationCharacters includeCassie – Because she’s badassZombie – Because he’s adorableNugget – Don’t ever even think about hurting himRinger – She is my heroThe Silencer I won’t mention its real name here so as not to spoil – This character is essential Failure to provide this character will result in immediate disposal of your review I’m not even kiddingPlease leave my reuested item in my PO Box Do not call the police – they can’t help you for I am no longer human at this point but a starved ghost like creature dependent on my next hit of The 5th Wave lest I waste away If I see that you have called the police or the next best thing your publisher then you will leave me with no choice but to kill the reviewI’m sorry it had to come to this Mister Yancey I had hoped that we could come to some kind of reasonable arrangement But you had to go and write a wonderful book and the next one is not due for publication until August 2014 August 2014? Now do you see how you have pushed me into a corner here? I’m an everyday hero doing what I must to surviveOnce my demands are met I will upload the review as promised Think about this Yancey Nobody needs to get hurt here We can all winSincerelyKat Kennedy An ARC was supplied to me by the publisher for the purpose of greater understanding American line dancing Alas all I used it for were review purposes that I was in no way paid for Bummer This review can also be found on my blog Cuddlebuggery Book BlogFYI Yancey has responded to my demandsI'm afraid this is war Mister Yancey We will do what we have the heart to do in order to get this book You've been warned

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The 5th WaveF highway Cassie runs from Them The beings who only look human who roam the countryside killing anyone they see Who have scattered Earth's last survivors To stay alone is to stay alive Cassie believes until she meets Evan Walker Beg If you could buy just one book this year this one should be at the top of your list I'm just going to say it this book could very well be the next The Hunger Games I've never seen a book likely to be a crowd pleaser nor one with potential to sweep away a legion of fans This book was so crazily addictive that I read it in literally half a day and several months afterwards I am still jazzed over its edge of your seat actionWhat makes this story awesome and what elevates it above many other action oriented novels is really the writing taut plotting a strong narrative voice snarky humor and a masterful feeling of grim tension that can only be relieved if you turn the pages fast enough The full text of this review appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher