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Writers Revenge reader Ö ebook Ä alice gamble Ä ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Writers Revenge: Four Authors and the Publisher from Hell Author Alice Gamble – Eyltransferservices.co.uk If your publisher stood in the way of a lucrative book deal in the US how would you react Esther was lividHow would you like it ifEd your closely guarded secrets to the world and their auntie Wouldn’t you want better treatment Esther Donna Gloria and Petra do as they take on a – callous publisher– a scheming editor and a – marketing manager in thrall to the publisher’s dysfunctional ethosWill they compel them to mend their wa Thank you for the free book netgalley I was not a fan of this book I didn’t connect to any of the characters They just seemed dumb Like I would never be friends with anyone of themI really didn’t like the parts of the book when there were experts of the books authors booksif that makes sense I just didn’t really like the book I read about 20% of it before I started skimming it just so I can say I finished it

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Printed too few Revenge Four Authors and the EpubDonna didn’t like it one bitOr what if you’d naively signed a contract for your future books on the same miserable terms as your first Gloria wanted to pack it in before things got worseAnd – would you feel as hurt and upset as Petra if your editor blurt This has to be one of the worst books I've read in a long whileThe plot is really interesting or it should be 4 women are sick of the way a publishing company treats them and decide to take revenge on them Pretty awesome idea right I thought so too at first Then I read the bookFirst of all would it kill you to spellcheck I think so because in the first 5% of the book I got sick of the poor grammar and spelling Second of all I hate the characters All of them To me they all seemed very unlikeable and truthfully dumb Maybe not Donna but I only read one chapter of hers until I dnf this book They all just want to get married so a man can take care of them and so they can uit their jobs And I wanted to mention why would you not read the contract you're signing What idiot doesn't read the contract they're signing I don't get itThe last thing I would like to say is how sexual assault is kind of normalized I don't even know how to explain it but there were a lot of excerpts from books in the book and in them the women were always treated really badly And in Gloria's book the way the man thought of Primrose and Monica was disgusting I just it was bad Really bad And the thing that really made me be like That's it I don't care any I give up is a scene where a man who is supposed to have a professional relationship with Esther on of the characters we're following literally starts kissing her out of nowhere and licking her armpit What

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Writers Revenge Four Authors and the Publisher from HellFour Authors Kindle #213 If your publisher stood in the way of a lucrative book deal in the US Writers Revenge MOBI #190 how would you react Esther was lividHow would you like it if your first novel got Revenge Four Authors Epub #223 no marketing support – and your second sold out within days because they Writers Revenge is a searing indictment not only of how the 'politics' of publishing get in the way of true creativity but also the tension between what the reading public wants and what publishers feel they should want and authors should write The illustrations of 'successful' writing take a honed stiletto to conventional tasteThis is a biting satire turning a jaundiced eye on the world of publishing publishers and authors It captures the insecurities and fragility of anyone who submits their creative oeuvre to publishers and the public and particularly any woman who does soI particularly enjoyed the way the author captures the cadence and tone of speech in Ireland as well as the 'craic' that characterises Irish humour It'll make you laugh and make you angry I really liked it